He Later Accused Sanders Of Grinding Up My Ancestors By Conducting Site Clearing On Mauna Kea And For Placing His Toy On My Temple.

Please move on to the next question, she requested. Fergerstrom apologized in advance for taking a confrontational approach. I mean no disrespect to you as a person, he said to Sanders. He later accused Sanders of grinding up my ancestors by conducting site clearing on Mauna Kea and for placing his toy on my temple. Other project opponents questioned Sanders about the size and design of the telescope, see page mitigation measures and funding for decommissioning. He said rock excavated for construction would be stored near the astronomy precinct and used later to restore the site, located on the mountains northern flank at 13,100 feet above sea level. In response to questions from Yuklin Aluli, attorney for the environmental group KAHEA, Sanders said each partner country is committed to covering the costs of removing the telescope if it has to come down early. The telescope organizations partners are Caltech, University of California, Association of Canadian Universities for Research in Astronomy and national institutes in Japan, China and India. Sanders will continue his testimony today at the Grand Naniloa Hotel. The hearing, which started witness testimony in October, is scheduled through January.

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